Re: [IGS] Status

Yes I took a class in computer photography a year ago. The way it is going
you can take the crappiest picture you ever took scan it into a computer and
turn it into a masterpiece in an hour and that was a year ago. I wish our
plants were that easy.
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From: Cynthia S. Lohry <Hedgehug@AOL.COM>
Date: Friday, July 17, 1998 8:59 PM
Subject: Status

>San Diego is having some warmer weather again, which means more time
>watering the potted plants.  And I'm working on a photography project
>been keeping me busy running between the photo lab and my garden, trying to
>get true colors on the pictures.  Did you know that they can print a
>off the negative in a variety of shades?  I didn't.  I always assumed that
>whatever was on the negative is what you got.  No variations.
>Will be attending the geranium lecture at New Leaf Nursery tomorrow morning
>Vista, and on Sunday, the IGS board meeting.
>What's everyone else up to?

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