Re: [IGS] "true" color photographs

Unfortunately my class only dealt with black and white except the last
project which was color and the quality of the pictures were supposed to be
bad so we could scan them in and see how to correct them. If you could get
it scanned into a computer you could correct just the one offending color
while keeping your whites white ( although you might try ultra Gain
haha )the only problem being how to get a slide off the computer I do not
think they can do that yet. I did however look up in my photography book
(see I knew there was a reason not to sell it back) if you would like I can
send you privately what it has to say about film light and color. If so are
you using a daylight balanced film or a tungsten balanced (indoor) film as
this can acount for the colors shifting since they respond to blues and reds
( ie magenta becomes burgundy) in a different way if you are using the wrong

But like I said that is kind of a long story and I was never very good at
summaries. If you want you might try a professional photography store and
they could match your film for you or suggest a filter you could use that
would correct the problem.
I know it sounds weird but remember we as humans have a brain that
involuntarily ignores color balance when we look at a scene, percieving
either daylight or lamp light as "white" if there is only one kind of light
present, color film actually sees the truth. If none of this makes since I
apologize as it is late and my pekinese is demanding I hurry up so he can go
to sleep. He was just fixed so he is kind of testy.
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From: Cynthia S. Lohry <Hedgehug@AOL.COM>
Date: Saturday, July 18, 1998 2:55 AM
Subject: Re: "true" color photographs

>When you took your class, did you pick up any tips on how to get your
>to be "true"?  The photos I took were in focus and centered properly, but
>while the actual flower was a lavender purple with magenta undertones, the
>photographs came out in burgundy tones.  When they corrected the burgundy
>adding magenta, the white bits came out pink instead of white.
>I was shooting in the late morning outdoors, using Kodac slide film as I
>needed slides, negatives & prints.  I tried another roll of film in the
>afternoon, and the same thing happened.

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