[IGS] weeds and weeds!

Hi everybody,

Just back online after a thunderstorm fried my modem...gee..the computer
came through..unscathed!!! Now that could have been 'something'! Now we
have a new 56K modem instead and everything downloads much faster than

Andrew...I don't think we think of the same things when we say something is
'weedy'! I say a plant is weedy when it is a shabby looking nondescript
uninteresting plant.....but yes....Crassula sarcocaulis has gone from being
'weedy' my kind of weedy :-))) to be your kind of 'weedy'!

As for my two shy Pelargonium cotyledonis that were dormant while the other
three are happily growing....NOW the leaves are breaking out! For me they
are comparatively easy...almost weedy (your kind of weedy) :-) yet always

Gee Andrew, couldn't you send just a little sun? Best day so far was
today...and it won't last.

All the best,


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