Re: [IGS] "true" color photographs


I went back to the film box, and it says:  Kodak Elite II, Ektachrome color
slide film "sharp vibrant color"  200 35mm film for color slides.  Daylight.
I also tried the 400 film.  Both sets of slides were in focus and clear, and
both were burgundy.  No difference if it was shot indoors with a flash or
outdoors in full sun, or in partial shade.

The developer suggested that I try using Fuji film, that it was better at
catching purples and blues while Kodak did better with reds and oranges and
yellows.  I have a roll of the Fujichrome Sensia II (200) film for color
slides in the camera now and should be getting it developed soon.  Don't
laugh, but I took the first picture of an opened box of Crayolas so I could
see if the colors were true or not!

If your book has any information on how to get purples to turn out purple and
not burgundy, I would really appreciate any input you can give.

No ultra Gain in the house, so I put the entire camera between the Downey and
the Clorox ... just in case it sinks in.  I'm ready to try anything!


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