Re: [IGS] "true" color photographs


The Sensia II 100 will do better than Kodak, but is probably not as good as
Fuji Velvia 50. Also, if you are doing flowerhead closeups you need a good
macro. I'd suggest taking the shots in very good light. Dim light or
indoors will enhance reds and so will a reddish background. Take longer
exposure times and more stopped down so that you're getting light reflected
just from the flower you are taking. Even with all that I take several
shots just in case!

The Geranium shirt fits just fine. After the comments by some members that
it was probably just a medium I was happy to see it was XL. And yes, I am
wearing it! Maybe you should tell people here about the competition for the
shirt. Maybe they can get 100 words.

San Diego, California

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