Re: [IGS] "true" color photographs


Next time I see you I'll give you a roll.

>I'll look further for the film that you recommend.  So far, I haven't found
>it.  Camaro goes back into the shop tomorrow to have the dent removed and be
>repainted (again!) so I won't be doing much shopping for awhile.
>I will be helping with the GATW publication committee now though.  Do you have
>any color slides that you would like to be considered for publication?   Close
>ups of a single flower, of a single plant, or multi plant shots could be used.

I have lots of color slides but, until very recently, almost nothing of
geraniums or pelargoniums. I do have a few of the species P. fulgidum, P.
echinatum as well as some sarcocaulons that I took in Namibia and South
Africa. They are pretty spectacular, to me, at any rate but other people
might think otherwise. Maybe GATW is not the place for them. I'll have more
shots soon but I can't promise how they're going to turn out. I'd better
start looking for the blue geranium.

>Just picked up my entire set of GATWs so I have lots of reading to do.  I'm
>thinking about making a little wooden box or shelf to hold them all so the
>covers don't get all crinkled from the cats sitting on them.

It might be easier to put them in those NeatIdeas box folders that you can
get at Staples. You can probably get 15 issues in just one and they cost
about a dollar each.

>Not a lot of interesting things going on in the Lemon Grove area.  I'm just
>trying to get all my plants planted in the ground or grouped together so they
>all get watered at the same time rather than finding a stray or two after the
>hoses are put back.

Have you ever tried dripper sets to solve the watering by groups problem? I
just did this with some geranium and pels growing in cavities in a dry
wall. It really works well and the black tubing is totally hidden. You can
put hundreds on a single line - except I dont have that many yet. Also,
I've found it easy for hanging baskets.

>How about you?

Friends coming down here from LA this weekend to 'cool off'. So, not so
much in the way of projects this week round here. Anyhow, I'd better sign
off as I've said more than my share this time!

San Diego, California

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