[IGS] P. capitatum & nursery news from Holland

Hi all,
Those of you interested in "saving" a few giant (45-60 cm) rooted
cuttings of P. capitatum (the rose scented species) and living in
Holland or Germany should visit Gommer's Fuchsia & Pelargonium &
Passiflora nursery. Mr. Gommer has had no time enough to pot up all his
"pellie-cuttings" this year so they are still potted in small size ones
and growing out of proportion! We decided to do a "scenic
Beemer-CS-driving day" as it is holiday over here in Holland and our old
BMW needed a nice drive (I know, it sounds silly, sorry, my husband is a
classic car person), and visit the lovely area where Mr. Gommer's
nursery is (also visited the wonderful display model gardens of Mien
Ruys in Dedemsvaart close by to see all the lovely gardens, one of which
has over 100 (!) different [hardy] Geraniums in it) so that is how we
In the back of one of the glass houses of Gommer's nursery there are
many Pelargoniums all stocked together - Stellars, Zonals, Regals and
various scenteds. Also in another part there are many other potted
plants for sale amongst which many Stellars and colored leafed Zonals.
They are just Dfl 2,50 (cuttings) or Dfl 4,- (flowering plants) so I
hope some of you can visit. Mr Gomers als showed us very friendly around
his wonderful section of his nursery where he keeps all the
"motherplants" of his many Fuchsia's, Pellies, Passiflora's and various
other plants - a wonderful sight! There also was a not-for-sale giant
Agave variegata who has the same size as ours (that came with the old
house we bought) - only ours is appr. 70 years old and his one is just
10, but he has made it grow very quick by giving it full earth and a lot
of fertilizing. Standing there Nico and I decided to let ours stay in
the sandy ground it is in for as long as it can remember - we now
already have some problems dragging it into the gazebo for the winter
because of its size so definitely do NOT want it to grow so fast as his!
The Gommer nursery can be found outside the little village (hamlet) of
Dalen - the adress is Vossebelt 41a, 7751 SW Dalen, phone: 0524-519064
or 512154. They are open daily from 09 am to 06 pm (thursday until 09
pm) and closed on sundays.
Bye for now,
Mimy Sluiter

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