Re: [IGS] G rotundifolium

Hi Marisa,

Thank you for the picture. I have just transplanted my plants obtained from
seeds got from Seed Guild. I hope they will look like the one on your picture.
If I discover any peculiarity I will let you know.

Many thanks and,

From Istanbul-Turkey

Marisa Amadio wrote:

> Hi Zeki,
> I have just added a picture of G. rotundifolium ( flowering stem) to the
> Geraniaceae Group page
> This one was collected in the wild - actually is a common weed in Italy -
> and it matches all the descriptions I was able to find.
> My sources have been the above mentioned Peter Yeo's book, together with the
> Checklist of Geranium species published by the Geraniaceae Group, and 'Flora
> of Italy' by S. Pignatti.
> All advice or corrections in identification are very welcome. I am very
> interested in Geranium species, but definetely not an expert!
> Marisa

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