[IGS] A Mystery

Hello All,
I have a mystery which I sent off to the Erodium Group maillist.  Perhaps
an IGSROBINER may have an answer.
"I have a very interesting queery for you.
I have 5 pots of E.acaule growing at the moment, 4 of which are perfectly
normal but the 5th is,well, strange.
It commenced its existance perfectly normally growing and flowering as you
would expect.  However it has decided to become different.  All leaf and
flowering stems are much shorter,less than half normal, all leaves are
similarly smaller. It has produced about 3 times as much stem growth as
normal.  Along what would probably be flowering stems it is producing pale
mauve leaflets along the stem between normal? leaflets.  No normal flowers
are appearing and cleistogamously produced buds/beaks have appeared.
Is it viraly effected or do you have any other suggestions".
Geraniaceae is all around the World

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