Re: [IGS] Geranium Johnson's Blue

John & Pat Adney wrote:

> Hi Diana,
> My Johnson's Blue plants also tend to flop, but less in full sun. I let them
> flower and then cut them back. Actually, if they're in the border, they can
> be mowed. They'll grow back and, sometimes, reflower.
> Mine have not experienced few leaves on the lower part of the stems.
> Although they tend toward floppiness, I wouldn't be without them.

I just cut mine back when they finish flowering with the hedge clippers.  By the
way, if your Johnson's Blue tend to flop they may not be Johnson's Blue.  These
plants should only get about 18" tall.  Mine, sold as Johnson's Blue, are 30"
and more at the end of the season.  They may in fact be G. pratense, but they
are lovely plants none the less.I can highly recommend G. X magnificum, a
beautiful purple with large flowers for a geranium.

Bob Campbell

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