Re: [IGS] Geranium Johnson's Blue

Garden Nut wrote:
> Hi:
> Does the above geranium usually get pretty lanky?  I have one
> plant that gets absolutely floppy and I am thinking of cutting it
> to the ground and letting it start over.  It's blooming nice but
> leaning down from the center with few leaves on the lower part of
> the stems.
We grow 20 varieties of hardy geraniums, and Johnsons Blue is known to
do just this.  Flop.  Yes, by all means, shear it down hard, and it will
come back within 2-3 weeks with a nice flush of leaves, and perhaps a
flower or two.
Geranium himalayense is very, very similar, but stays tight after
blooming.  You'd have to be a geranium collector to tell the difference
between the two.
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