[IGS] Creamery update

H all,
A short update on Creamery (the soft yellow flowered Pellie CV I
recently bought).
All my three plants flower lovely BUT allthough I see all reproduction
parts are there and I carefully tried to fertilise it by itself it did
not work out. Seems the plant is sterile. Also another nursery owner
confirmed this - he told me the plant was sterile and also since the
nodes are so short and rot easily hard to reproduce by cuttings as well
(he gave up some years ago after having gotten a plant from the UK). I
have a question how ever that perhaps some of you out there can answer:
I have another yellow flowering species around, P. gibbosum, who is not
yet flowering but will in hopefully a month. Could it be possible that
when I tried to fertilise between Creamery and gibbosum things would
result? Gibbosum is a bit alike Creamery in the form of the leaf at
least (though is more succulent, having fleshy stems and a woody thick
base root)? It is a very fragrant flower that gibbosum gives so it would
be nice to experiment a bit (perhaps I will try with Gibbosum anyway to
do something). All suggestions are welcome.
TIA - Mimy Sluiter
ps FYI from my data:
P. gibbosum ([Lin.] L'Her. ex Ait. 1789), greenyellow night-scented
flower, section: Polyactium, 30-60 cm, origin: South Africa, coastal
ps - wished Reverend Stringer was still alive to ask - he raised

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