[IGS] Thanks Cindi

Yipee..... the catalogues arrived today.  Have only had time to have a
brief  look at Faye's so far. It's great to see what you have over
You have a lot more Highfield's available.  I think we only have 8  or
so against 19 at Deerwood,  but as Faye days it's SO hard to get new
stuff into the country.  However we do have quite a lot of our own
being introduced here.
Faye wasn't too well at our conference, she was using a crutch ... not
sure what the problem was, but sorry to hear she  still isn't too well.
I noticed that 'Honeywood Suzanne' was listed under 'Cascades', being
suitable for  baskets.  I lost all but one this year and as it is a
pretty floppy sort of thing I'm going to put it into a basket  ...
never thought of it before.  Only have one day left and have a stack to
to,  so it may have to wait a while.
Will be away 10 days or so.
Thanks again for sending the mail
  'Bye for now
      Joan     W. Australia

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