Re: [IGS] Jiffy pots

Cynthia S. Lohry wrote:
> Mimy,
> I read somewhere that you should use the Jiffy pots for starting cuttings
> because once the plant is established, its root system won't be able to grow
> out of the Jiffy pot, but will remain just that size until the plant dies.
> But you use Jiffy pots with no problems?
> Cindi

Hi Cindi,
I got this tip from Pelargonium nursery owner Theo Jeukens and tried it
last year with success. The Jiffy tablets that when watered become a
little pot I talk about we have over here in Holland have a very fragile
"net" around them which will let through the roots easily and in the end
dissolves totally into the soil of the larger pot when you replant your
cuttings, so no harm is done at all.
There are some commercial growers over here who pot up their cuttings in
the tiniest plastic pots possible that have linear holes in them so in
the beginning the roots can get through them. But when you buy such a
plant when it already has been repotted into a larger pot you will find
out that it will have problems eventually. So I always check if those
nasty plastic ones are inside and then carefully with a tiny scissor
remove them from the root system.
Mimy Sluiter

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