Re: [IGS] help [with Bird Dancer]

Alexander Perez wrote:
> Hi all. I hope someone can help me with a new purchase that is dying on
> me. The label says 'Stellar (dwarf) Bird dancer'. I purchased it at the
> Geranium show at Descanso Gardens. It was beautiful when I purchased it
> but now it seems to be dying. Does anyone have any info on this plant.
> Maybe it is getting too much sun. Any info will be most appreciated.

Hi Alexander,
Miniatures can be sensitive to overwatering and develop rotting roots
easily. So I suggest you check these first and if you see problems, try
to save the plant by taking cuttings as much as you can (make sure they
are done with a sterilised knife / scissors), pot them up in a mixture
of 50% sand and 50% earth or jiffy-pots (the tablets you soak in water
so they become little pots). Mini's can be a bit difficult to root
sometimes so I suggest you take different cuttings and pot them up
differently (one in a jiffy pot, one in 50 sand /50 earth, one in 50
sand /50 earth with rooting powder applied to it) and hope for the best.
Remember - the most hormones to root are just under/above a "node"! And
also think - you can make more cuttings than you think so be very
inventive by trying to get as much as tiny ones from one stem (know that
it can be a bit hard on a mini with short internodes but well...). Good
Mimy Sluiter
FYI: the data on your plant:
Bird Dancer (Melva Bird AUS), lightsalmonpink single flower, miniature
size, Stellar type, green leaf with bronze colored zone

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