Re: [IGS] Geranium Johnson's Blue

Cynthia S. Lohry wrote:

> Bob,
> Hedge clippers???
> I usually just break off the wizened stem with between my thumb and forefinger
> and  gently deposit the shrivelled remains onto the compost heap.
> Cindi

I told you I didn't think they were the real Johnson's Blue.  Mine, what
ever they
are, are already more than 2 ft tall , and no sign of buds yet.  After 3
they are about 30" across. They'll get wider when they flop at about the
point  The hedge clippers let me trim them back in a couple of cuts,
instead of
using my pruning shears and spending all day at it.  You should see what
I do to
my Centaurea montana with the weed eater.I don't know what your
conditions are
like but I'm in USDA zone 4, on very sandy well drained ( hah) soil, and
ever give them supplemental watering.  We had a very dry summer last
year, with
hardly any rain in July and August, and my plants responded by blooming
their fool
heads off, not just once, but twice after the attack of the clippers.

Bob Campbell

Oh, and if you won't find it too upsetting, I have about 50 seedlings
coming along in my bed of some sort of geraniums.  I think they are
mostly sanguineum, but I have half a dozen species, so who knows just
what may turn up once they start to flower.  I didn't plant them there,
they just selfseeded, so they must be reasonably happy.

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