[IGS] Jiffy pots

My experience with Jiffy pots has not been good.  Cuttings strike
readily and do very well for a while, but after 9 - 12 months the plant
stalls.  Inspection of the roots show that they are strangled by the
jiffy pot mesh,  which is still quite intact .
I have given up this method,  however these things may vary from country
to country.   I now plant all zonal cuttings in 4" pots with Premium
potting mix ( with the slow realease ferilizer and have very few
failures.   I can then sell them  still in these pots or pot them up for
   Joan Steele

P.S.  I believe Creamery was produced by Peat, not Stringer:-
Miniature & Dwarf Geraniums by Harold Bagust ... Creamery (Peat 1977)
creamy white double flowers, buds have a definite yellow tinge. Foliage
is mid green. Dwarf.
I have some photographs of Cliff Blackmans yellow shades.  Some have the
colours of the Peace rose ... I prefer tham to the paler pure yellow one
which he produced.  Can send photos if wanted later on.    Will be away
for a couple of weeks from tomorrow though.

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