Re: [IGS] Jiffy pots/pellets

Mimy Sluiter wrote:

> Hi Cindi,
> I got this tip from Pelargonium nursery owner Theo Jeukens and tried it
> last year with success. The Jiffy tablets that when watered become a
> little pot I talk about we have over here in Holland have a very fragile
> "net" around them which will let through the roots easily and in the end
> dissolves totally into the soil of the larger pot when you replant your
> cuttings, so no harm is done at all.

I used those "jiffy peat pellets" for seedlings for years until one spring I
noticed, as I was planting the next generation, that my garden soil had become a
"graveyard" of those little net-wrapped gobs of peat.  Whatever was supposed to
make those little "nets" dissolve/decompose wasn't working!  For annuals it isn't
so bad, but the little "nets" -- if they don't dissolve/decompose -- constrict the
roots of young perennials.  I stopped using the compressed peat pots a long time
ago for the very same reason.

Dean Sliger
Ferndale, MI

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