Re: [IGS] Geranium Johnson's Blue

An elderly neighbor has several clumps of 18" high foliage with small
single blue flowers.  The Mrs. died about a year ago, the Mr. is in a
nursing home, and the neighbor who mows their lawn mowed them down last
fall - they are back, beautiful huge rounded mounds, round leaves, deeply
notched, almost a silver green.  They bloomed profusely,
in full sun, with never any additional care except what sun and rain
happens.  They seem to spread with an underground root system.  These were
identified on the Garden Web as "Johnson's Blue", and the neighbor only
knew them as 'wild geranium'.  Sharon

At 12:46 AM 6/4/98 EDT, you wrote:
>You MOW your Johnsons Blue?!?  For me and the people that I've talked to out
>here, it is an annual right of spring.  We flock to the local nurseries like
>lemmings, purses and wallets in hand.  We buy sleek one gallon containers
>containing graceful Johnson's Blue plants in full bloom and bud.  We then
>carefully select the very best one, the strongest, the best flowers, the one
>with the most buds and new growth.  We then take them home and plant them
>carefully into bigger pots/leave them in their one gallon pots/plant them in
>the ground in the sun/shade/partial sun/partial shade, we water them
>regularly/irregularly/carefully/sporadically.  And we all watch them die
>painful deaths.  They sulk, we whimper, and ultimately we have all
purchased a
>one gallon pot of soil with a wee small amount of mulch for approximately
>And you MOW yours?

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