Re: [IGS] gibbosum


You wrote:

"It was a bit of a shock for me to see Gibbosum in the ground too!  I have a
10" pot that I have carefully tended for years because I love the greenish
yellow flowers with the "night" scent and those sculpted stems.

Do you know what others are night bloomers?"

I do know of one other night-bloomer - P. triste. It is not a star
performer on flowering but the night-time scent is really good. While I say
this I do not have it now but I do remember the scent. Any idea where we
could get young plants?
Your question caused me to do a small search on night-scented types.. It
looks like other members of this Polyactium group, all with tubers, may
also bloom at night. P. lobatum, closely related to P. gibbosum, also
produces strong fragrance at night. I have not grown it or any of the

San Diego, California

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