Re: [IGS] gibbosum

Andrew Wilson wrote:

> Cindi,
> You wrote:
> "It was a bit of a shock for me to see Gibbosum in the ground too!  I have a
> 10" pot that I have carefully tended for years because I love the greenish
> yellow flowers with the "night" scent and those sculpted stems.
> Do you know what others are night bloomers?"
> I do know of one other night-bloomer - P. triste. It is not a star
> performer on flowering but the night-time scent is really good. While I say
> this I do not have it now but I do remember the scent. Any idea where we
> could get young plants?
> Your question caused me to do a small search on night-scented types.. It
> looks like other members of this Polyactium group, all with tubers, may
> also bloom at night. P. lobatum, closely related to P. gibbosum, also
> produces strong fragrance at night. I have not grown it or any of the
> others.
> Andrew
> San Diego, California

Cindi and Andrew,
Robin Parer at Geraniaceae lists 13 (!) varieties of night scented pelargoniums
in her catalog.  Here is the site:
they are listed in the section "Pelargoniums"

Hmmmm......Do I have room for any more pels in the greenhouse???

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