[IGS] What exactly Makes a Unique

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi All,

I have been reading the discussion about Uniques and realize that I have
a few from Mimy's list that I didn't know were considered Uniques. I
never thought about it much before because in my mind, a Unique had the
word "Unique" in its name  (it worked for me at the time <G>),
I see in Fay Brawners catalog that she groups Uniques with any plants
that do not fit a definate catagory and are difficult to classify. Ahhhh
..... What about that ...? Are there any other particular traits that
one should take into account. I always thought of Clorinda as being a
scented but evidently it is classed as a Unique.

What does everyone think on this idea?


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