[IGS] where do I begin?

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Wow Gang, alot has been going on here since I last posted. I keep
thinking that I would catch up but....

Anyway... A special welcome to all the new posters. Bob Campbell; I
don't think you have been on this list before. I have seen your post on
other list. Glad you have joined us. We will be looking forward to
hearing more about your Geranium techniques <G>.

Rufino, I have enjoyed seeing the pictures you have posted on the web.
Thank you for sharing them. I certainly hope you can start getting some
plants again for yourself soon.

Zeki, I'm glad that Marisa was able to help you with that picture and a
little info. It's so nice when she has time to share with us.

List Statistics: Mimy and Cindi, unfortunately that is not one of my
priveleges as a greeter. In fact, I don't know someone has joined the
list until I see their name being posted and I say.."Hey, I haven't seen
that name before..." . The last statistics as to how many of us there
are were shared by Diana Petersen . Maybe she or Lichen can come up with
those figures for us again as an update. I took that info and combined
it with surveying where everybody was from as I saw their messages to
come up with figures for an article for Cindi 's newsletter. I can try
to come up with an update of location in the next few days

Oh I don't know if all of you are aware that our good friend from the
land of OZ , Joan Steele, has had back surgery in the last few days and
will be laid up for a little while. I understand that Peter (her friend)
will be checking her mail for her and relaying what is going on. Maybe
we can all flood her mailbox with messages of best wishes, choice
pictures, and good thoughts to let her know how much we appreciate her
and hope she gets back on her feet quickly. Her address is
shakaskraal@ONE.NET.AU  If you believe in the power of prayer, you could
keep her in mind in that respect also. I'm sure she will appreciate it.

Again, I will be trying to keep myself in touch with you all now. I have
been enjoying reading and learning from all your messages. Keep up the
good work.

Oh Sharon H. I almost forgot. Welcome to the list... did I already say
that sometime? Everyone, Sharon is a "fellow" Illinoisian from my home
town of Springfield. She and I have been trading some plants and I
suggested that she would look into the IGSRobin. Glad she decided to
join us. so Sharon , Make yourself at home. There are a few of us
Midwesterners and Northerners that still befuddle our warm climate
friends as to how we can keep plants in this icebox . Even Cindi is a
misplaced Michiganite though she might not want to think about it much :
-) .

I better end this and see if I can write something else.

Hope everyone is doing well,

Dale Neil
Zone 5 Rock Island, Ill

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