Re: [IGS] Article for GATW

-- [ From: Dale Neil * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

Hi again Cindi,

> Dale,
> I think we're still in time to get an article together for the next
issue.  If
> not, we'll have it ready early for the fall issue!  Next weekend is
the IGS
> annual meeting, and I'd like to turn it over to Michael at that time,
if at all
> possible.

opppsss..... looks like we might be running a little tight on this next
opps again, I just realized that I need to get my renewal dues in or
this next issue is my last. I hope I get it ... maybe the last issue was
my last. hmmmmm.......

> As for what to put in the article ... how about if we start it out by
> how many people are on the Robin now, and if we have had any "new"
countries or

Hope you saw my response to this in my first message of the night (ahhh.
.. I mean the morning...). sounds like a good start.

> How to get onto the Robin has been printed in the last several issues
of GATW,
> do you think it should be included yet again?

I think that is something that should be added each time Just incase we
might (maybe if we do a good job <G>) inspire someone to sign on they
will have the subscribing info right at their fingertips .

> Maybe list some of the websites you can visit regarding geraniums?
Didn't we
> list that information awhile ago?

Hmmmm.... that is a good idea also. I have been running across a few
more and we should probably mention the great web pages that are a
product of ones who subscribe to the list to help people know  what
resources we have among us.

> The last GATW was printed in March, so I'm thinking I'll go through
the e-mail
> since then and review what we've been talking about and mention some
of the
> highlights?

I could help review a few also. Are you aware of the achives listed at ? I know your computer was giving you headaches for awhile
so maybe you missed some messages that you can find in the archives.
That would be another thing to mention in the article: about all the
messages being achived so a person could look back at all of the
discussions since the newslist started.

Okay, so how would you suggest we coordinate our efforts? (I will see if
Diana will look up statistics for us).

> P.S.  Sorry to hear that the Little Primula decided to mulch itself.
Maybe it
> was stress from being shipped?  If your cutting doesn't make it, let
me know
> and I'll pop another one into the mail.  I'm glad the rest are all
doing well.

<sigh> well the cutting didn't make it at all... the same rot that took
the plant blackfooted the cutting also. If it is convenient for you to
send another sometime, I would appreciate it. There is no hurry. Right
now we have had a cool wet time after having temps way above normal for
a few weeks. Some of my geraniums that are still in pots are getting a
little too wet for their own good right now. My 'Prince of Orange' has
been sulking ever since I have let it out for the season. It's been a
strange year to say the least. Many things have really taken off while
others are just sitting trying to figure out just what season it is. Oh
well... We still have 4 months more of growing season in these parts so
they have time to adjust I think. I have been planting more of my
scenteds in the ground this year rather than leaving them in pots and
thinking that I will take more cuttings than I have in the past instead
of trying to keep 50 or 60 2-3 year old plants alive. over the winter.
There are still a few that will find their way back into the house to be
preserved in their old age though :-) .

Well off to another message. I've been enjoying your messages.


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