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I've enjoyed following this thread and as I read, My mind has been
questioning just what I had that I think is "Johnson Blue" . It is
floppy as all of you have been saying but the one thing that made me
think that I had G himalayense was that I have read in the Milaeger's
Gardens catalog that 'Johnson Blue' is actually sterile and I noticed
that my plant is trying to produce seed at times. I have no idea if the
seeds are viable or not as I have been deadheading to keep it blooming.
Maybe I ought to save some and see. Can anyone confirm that bit of info
that 'Johnson Blue' is sterile?

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> We grow 20 varieties of hardy geraniums, and Johnsons Blue is known to
> do just this.  Flop.  Yes, by all means, shear it down hard, and it
> come back within 2-3 weeks with a nice flush of leaves, and perhaps a
> flower or two.
> Geranium himalayense is very, very similar, but stays tight after
> blooming.  You'd have to be a geranium collector to tell the
> between the two.
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