Re: [IGS] where do I begin?

DALE NEIL wrote:

> .
> Anyway... A special welcome to all the new posters. Bob Campbell; I
> don't think you have been on this list before. I have seen your post on
> other list. Glad you have joined us. We will be looking forward to
> hearing more about your Geranium techniques <G>.

Actually, Dale I have been here since before you took over the job of
official greeter.  I don't post much because I don't know much about
pelargoniums, and don't grow them except as annuals to provide a bit of
color, when I can find them cheaply enough to make it worthwhile.  I have 15
of some pink variety (unnamed at purchase) decorating the area around our
mailbox this year.
As for my geranium secrets, the reason I grow them is that I pick them up at
the nursery, stick them in the ground, water them every couple of days for a
week or so, and they grow, bloom their fool heads off, and seed themselves
around like crazy.  I won't say they're foolproof but they are easy.

Bob Campbell

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