Re: [IGS] What exactly Makes a Unique

DALE NEIL wrote:
> I always thought of Clorinda as being a
> scented but evidently it is classed as a Unique.

Codes for "groops" are in my computer:
Un = Unique / US = Unique Scented leafed
and also:
An = Angel / AS = Angel Scented leafed
With scenteds with nice flowers on top I feel the main groop should be
the type-one where they belong to. That's why I and others groop
Clorinda with the Uniques. Scenteds are a silly groop any way - the
crispum-derived ones, the graveolens/radens-derived ones, the
capitatum-derived ones, the fragrans-derived ones etc etc etc are all so
different in type any way so maybe one day I will try to make
subdivisions in my scented listings (roughly following Peter Abbott's
book, allthough I do not agree with him in all conclusions he draws,
especially in nomenclature on some plants).
Re your question to end - a Unique is rather unique - main decider is
the general (different kind of) lobed soft flannel leaves and the
typical medium size marked flowers I guess. Just my thoughts - have four
or five Uniques over here and love them allthough they are not the
easiest to get through the winter here (our pellies must stay inside in
Holland as it can freeze over here) but guess with my new glass house
things will look up for them!
Mimy Sluiter

ps - the giant capitatum cuttings I "saved" are doing great here - they
decided to grow into giant plants now. Diana Miller writes in her book
they can become over a meter so I am looking with special interest to
the one I put into full ground in the garden - let that one think it is
South Africa here as long as it is summer!
pps - my tomentosums are this year but one in a large hanging basket - I
got fed up with their spreading behaviour of last year pushing all other
plants from the stellages on the terrace so now they have all the space
to spread out they want! One is normally planted and perhaps next year I
will be able to make a tomentosum border from cuttings (a tip our former
societies chairperson gave me)... Well, at lest they flower now - they
refused to do so last year...

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