Re: [IGS] gibbosum

Diane Soares wrote:

>Robin Parer at Geraniaceae lists 13 (!) varieties of night scented
>in her catalog.  Here is the site:
>they are listed in the section "Pelargoniums"
>Hmmmm......Do I have room for any more pels in the greenhouse???

Thanks for the website info, Diane. I checked it out. It's an excellent
source, indeed. While on the subject I checked the '13 varieties (!) of
night scented pelargoniums' listed in the catalog. It looks as though not
all of them are 'night scented', or at least Diana Miller and van der Walt
say so. They are related however, are in the Polyactium group and all are
tuberous. The ones that come from the winter rainfall parts of South Africa
are the ones with the nighttime scents and, evidently, the less attractive
flowers. However, there is obviously a lot of choice among them all. I'll
just have to find more room and try one or two!!

San Diego, California

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