[IGS] Angels - a bit of history from Holland

> Robin Parer at Geraniaceae lists 13 (!) varieties of night scented
> pelargoniums in her catalog.  Here is the site:
> >http://www.freeyellow.com/members/geraniaceae/

I looked and was impressed about the quantity of species and cultivars.
If by chance Robin is on-line or some one knows her - would she please
make a small correction in the Angels listing?

REIJE VAN DER LEE, an Angel bred by the now defuntct Gerris nurseries in
The Netherlands must be: RIETJE VAN DER LEE.
I know Rietje personally - she was long time secretary of our Dutch P&G
Society and is a lovely lady still going strong in her seventies, and
hope she will be spelled correctly again in the USA!
Rietje is a diminutive of a shortened name: Marie - Rie - Rietje (-tje
meaning "little").
The Angel named after that, RITA SCHEEN, another angel bred by Gerris,
was named after the former long time chairperson of our society. Rita
died last year after having had several strokes. She was the "grand old
lady" of the Dutch Pellie world. She and Rietje "were" the club for many
years and it it totally apt that two lovely Angels were named after them
as they really deserved it.
Gerris was a commercial Pellie grower, who sold only to the general
auctions and retailers and not to the public. He and Rita were close
friends and she enticed him to do some breeding with Pellies so he
created several Angels - in the seventies an almost forgotten groop. Due
to his work, the Angels even were sold via the large Aalsmeer flower
auction (the organisation responsible for sending all kinds of flowers
and plants all over the world - only think of the famous Dutch tulips)
so that revived the interest amongst the retailers and public for the
littler known pellie varieties a lot.
Hope you enjoyed to read this little bit of history.
Mimy Sluiter

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