Re: [IGS] Sarcocaulon question

rhoades, collin wrote:
> Is there any advice the people on the robin might want to share with me
> as I am getting my first sarcocaulon next week. Some questions I have
> are would it do okay in my C&S soil. how often do you water during the
> summer dormancy etc.

Hi Collin,
Here are my own experiences with my "Sarc":
- it is seldom repotted, stays in a mixture of clay and sand.
- I did not use any added feeding at all
- I keep it fairly dry in winter when it rests (though leafs stay on on
my vanderietieae for the most part)
- in april I start watering a bit more and when it starts blooming I
normally water it.
- it stays in bloom from june to october over here in Holland
Am sure if you specify the species the "real experts" out there can give
you much better advice.
I feel that a Sarc is easy and strong. I have no problem at all getting
it through the winter, something else from my tender Angels and some
scenteds who I always am happy to get through well (the motherplants I
mean, but am sure that is my own doing :-) )...
Congrats with your purchase - may it bring you many years of luck!
I just seeded my sarc-seeds from SA (remember I asked and got wonderful
advise from several of you) - keep your fingers crossed all about that.
Am sure to be back on when seeds have germinated and I will want to know
how to proceed further and then of course want to know what species they
belong to!!!! =(at least I have no "paperwork" to do like applying for
pedigrees as I have to with my cat-hobby!!!)
Mimy Sluiter

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