[IGS] Geranium lanuginosum

Hi all,
Another question for you:
A month ago I saw this little special plant in the Hessenhof nursery in
a separate tray and asked what it was when I came to pay my plants. The
nursery owner told me it was a G. lanuginosum from Africa and I got one
seedling to take home with me (hurrah!). Upon coming home I put it into
my greenhouse and it develops nicely. I how ever have some questions:
can it go outside? (assume in summer it is OK)
can it stand a moderate frost in winter?
and then, when I looked it up in my computer files I read it was an
ANNUAL - is this true when I keep it nursed well, or will it really die
after flowering so I have to proagate it on from seed?
This is what I have on it:

G. lanuginosum (Lamarck 1788)
clear blue flower with pinkish white veins
groop and section acc. to Yeo: Geranium/Tuberosum/Platypetalum
height: 10-30 cm, origin North to South Afrika. Annual.

So please would a Geranium-expert shed some light on my new acquisition?
Thanx in advance!
Mimy Sluiter

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