[IGS] containers

John,  You must be careful in planting in a container.  When the
temperatures drop the ground in a container that is outside in the
freezing temperatures, the soil will freeze.  Your plants roots will
freeze and die.  Everything is exposed to the elements.  During the
summer, you need to be aware of what temperatures the tops of the plants
are happy with....then remember the roots get the same temperatures.  I
have found that keeping the soil in the planter damp helps. Shading the
container with something so the direct sun does not heat the soil so
much helps.  I use a chair, another planter, large rocks, setting the
planter near in ground plants that will shade the area.  Plant ground
cover plants in the planter to shade the soil helps keep the container
plants roots cooler also.  Just experiment at times.  I live in the high
desert of Eastern Oregon and at times the temperature gets hot, but we
have no humidity.  Except right now we are having very unseasonable
rain, rain and more rain.  This much rain is unheard of for here.  Our
normal moisture fall is 10 inches in a very wet year.  We got that in 3
months and getting more.  My garden is one big mud puddle!!  Good luck,

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