Re: [IGS] Sarcocaulon question

Right now I was planning on putting it under my 68% shade structure as this
ummer is looking like a cooker. We have had unseasonable 108% days although
it has finally dropped to the high 90s and last night we finally got a !/2"
of rain (probably not enough to save the cotton though). I forgot to tell
that my c&s mix is about 50% pumice, 20% perlite and the rest a peat based
C&S mix although I am looking for coir mix right now. The reason for the
hunt for the coccunut mix is the peat dries out too quick and is impossible
to rewet. If I do not want to keep it in dormancy would a west window that
gets three to four hours direct sunlight and watering every two weeks work.
Because of the hot weather I have been having to water the cauds twice a
week to keep the caudex from shrinking and looking most unattractive. I have
already lost a very nice caudexed ficus to the weather ( the caudex now
looks like a raisin instead of a heart.) Alos how often do you feed your
plant and what do you feed it with. I would not ussually be this worried
about a plant but this one is a really nice specimen already it is winning
first place in several california society showes. Which is quite different
from the seedlings I ussually get where hit and miss raising and if it dies
try again does not bother me. Is there anyone out growing in the panhandle
of texas.
Thanks to both you and mimi for your advice.
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From: Andrew Wilson <awilson@FDA.NET>
Date: Thursday, June 11, 1998 12:38 AM
Subject: Re: Sarcocaulon question

>Collin Rhoades asked:
>>> Is there any advice the people on the robin might want to share with me
>>> as I am getting my first sarcocaulon next week. Some questions I have
>>> are would it do okay in my C&S soil. how often do you water during the
>>> summer dormancy etc.
>Sarcocaulons do just fine in C&S mix. I use a mix of pumice, perlite and
>sand and about 10 percent of ordinary soil. On summer dormancy not everone
>seems to agree on whether dormancy is the right thing to achieve. Anyhow,
>under the asumption that you want to go through with itI'd keep the plant
>in a place where the roots do not get cooked. Sitting in a container in the
>Texas sun is a lot different from being in the ground. Maybe sink your
>container in the ground. Water given once every four weeks is probably
>enough from what I've seen done in Southern Cal. You could go longer if the
>container is deep and the plant well established but otherwise that would
>be as long as I'd leave in the mix as it dries quickly and leaves little
>residual moisture.
>San Diego, California

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