Re: [IGS] containers

THANK YOU for your advice. I'm going to experiment and see how the container
plants survive summer and winter. It will contain mainly semps and sedum but
I have a mini aquilegia, campanula and hardy geranium that can be included
also. Will see what works.

John G. Adney
Marion, Iowa (zones 4-5)

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From: Bob and Diane Elder <elder@PRESYS.COM>
Date: Thursday, June 11, 1998 12:08 AM
Subject: containers

>John,  You must be careful in planting in a container.  When the
>temperatures drop the ground in a container that is outside in the
>freezing temperatures, the soil will freeze.  Your plants roots will
>freeze and die.  Everything is exposed to the elements.  During the
>summer, you need to be aware of what temperatures the tops of the plants
>are happy with....then remember the roots get the same temperatures.  I
>have found that keeping the soil in the planter damp helps. Shading the
>container with something so the direct sun does not heat the soil so
>much helps.  I use a chair, another planter, large rocks, setting the
>planter near in ground plants that will shade the area.  Plant ground
>cover plants in the planter to shade the soil helps keep the container
>plants roots cooler also.  Just experiment at times.  I live in the high
>desert of Eastern Oregon and at times the temperature gets hot, but we
>have no humidity.  Except right now we are having very unseasonable
>rain, rain and more rain.  This much rain is unheard of for here.  Our
>normal moisture fall is 10 inches in a very wet year.  We got that in 3
>months and getting more.  My garden is one big mud puddle!!  Good luck,

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