Re: [IGS] Sarcocaulon question


You have certainly received some advice on this one! A very good thread to
follow. If your plant (what species of Sarc. is it anyway?) has been
getting first place prizes in shows in California I would hate to steer you
wrong at this stage. Let me ask you - how did you grow it in previous years
so that you got it to take firsts. Evidently, whatever you did must have
been effective without advice from me or anyone!

Maybe start from there. If it is a plant you have not brought it through
summer before then find out where it came from and what they did. Also,
following Phil's comments I think we'd like to know what species it is.

Returning to mixes for just a moment to the cauds you are growing and
keeping moist in summer, such as the Ficus, you should give it lots of
water. Even go to placing the container above a pan from which it can take
up water in hot weather. At least that's what I do here. The Ficus
petiolaris caud is about the size of a very large turnip. Don't let it go
dry at all. Then the peat will work. But I'd better say no more on this
topic as this is not the place for us to be discussing non-geraniums!

San Diego, California

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