Re: [IGS] Sarcocaulon question - S. penniculinum


You have given us, or to me, at at any rate lots of useful data. I will not
copy your message here but I'll just add a few words on one species.

Sarc. penniculinum is a real beauty. I saw it not far from the mining camp
outside Rosh Pinah - that is a a very remote place just north of the Orange
River in Namibia - bottom left of Africa on your maps.  From my point of
view it was more beautiful than all the diamonds that were lying around
buried in the sand, but those are my standards!  I cannot add much to the
wisdom provided already about how best to grow it. However, in its habitat
I found it growing on steep (like near vertical shale slopes) that were
facing south, that is away from the sun. So, even in summer, they are
shaded for much of the day. That helps them survive in that murderous
climate - much worse than West Texas!

San Diego, California

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