Re: [IGS] Sarcocaulon question - S. penniculinum

Hey all Sarco lovers! Keep up the good work!

Andrew, I wholeheartedly agree! S peniculinum is a marvel, and S patersoni
is another beaut. For me they are a bit difficult as they are extremely
suceptible to fungal infections in damp conditions... which is prevalent
for 'some parts' of the year in Sweden!

However, avoiding stagnant air is a simple way of taking care of that
problem....and if you should overwater your plant...well, I had put some of
my C&S outside..newly repotted, recuperate in the shade...well, I was at
work, and we had some showers...they ought to be ok I thought,...plenty of
drainage....well, it rained all night too, so in the morning I brought some
soggy miserable plants inside...we own a air dehumidifier ( great for
drying clothes and damp basements!) so I put the poor wretched things and
next morning they were dry, so today I put them outside again...

I imagine you have better conditions than me for growing Sarcocaulons. But
they are such neat plants that I keep trying!

All the best,


PS. I have added some coir to my C&S mix, any thoughts on this?

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