Re: [IGS] Pink Capitatum

Jip Bieraugel wrote:
> Dear Pelly friends,
> Does anyone know if there is a plant called pelargonium "Pink Capitatum"? Is
> it merely a pink variety of p. capitatum (which is more lilac, in my
> opinion), or is there more to it?
> Greetings from Holland,
> Jip
> Alkmaar, Holland

Hi Jip,
This is the illegitimate synonym of P. "Pink Capricorn", a cultivar with
strong capitatum influence but more compact in growth and different
tingue of flowers. Since it is no species form, the name was changed
into a proper one that avoids the use of a species name (source: Peter
Aboot's book on scenteds). Know Theo Jeukens still sells it as Pink
Capitatum (bought it there a year ago) but assume that is because the UK
colleague he got it from still has it listed as such.
>From my files:
Pink Capricorn, flower mauverose with white eye, scented leaf,
rose/lemon mixture
Any out there knowing more about its origins and ancestry?
Mimy Sluiter

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