Re: [IGS] A mystery scented

Mimy Sluiter wrote:
> Hi all,
> Today we passed along asign saying "Geraniums for Sale" Not expecting
> much we stopped and looked and amidst some unnamed Pelargonium Zonals
> and a few Regals there was this scented that was totally unknown to me
> both in scent and in lead shape or flower.
> So you all guessed - for the modest sum of 2,75 (around 1.5 dollar) the
> lovely plant moved home with us.
> So here for you all the puzzle to solve: what is it's name????
> The leaves are much like Schottesham Pet (syn. Concolor Lace), but not
> so elongated. The flowers are clear vivid pink, with a white centre
> (going from clear pink to white gradually), they are finely veined on
> the two top flower-leafs with four darkbloodred veins per leaf and the
> stamen is also darkbloodred. They are carried in a horizontal umbels of
> 4 to 5 flowers on a row. The size of the flowers is medium large for a
> scented (so in size inbetween say the flower of a P. radens and a
> Unique, comparable in size with those of a Prince of Orange).
> Please can some one shed some light here?
> I have over 25 scented cultivars on the terrace plus several scented
> uniques and angels and have seen and compared many more but this one I
> cannot attach a name to!
> --
> Mimy Sluiter
> phone/fax: +31-(035)-6920501

OOPS - I forgot to mention the scent of the plant: It is not very strong
but clearly there, woody and herby with a fresh undertone.
Not a main reason to buy the plant for, but well...
Could it be Copthorne perhaps?
Mimy Sluiter

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