[IGS] Frustrating mysteries

Dear Mimy,

I know exactly what you mean when you buy a plant because you can't resist it, but it doesn't have a label, or clearly the wrong one. Thanks for identifying
Pink Capricorn for me! As a matter of fact there are many so-called scented ones that are supposed to smell of something like 'roses' or 'lemon', but on the whole the smells are more reminiscent of (I quote Nigel Colborn in BBc Gardener's world magazine)"the small mammals house" in a zoo. There are very few, in my modest opinion, that smell really nice (p. tomentosum, odoratissimum, fragrans, Lemon Fancy for example)so usually I only buy them if they look nice and have nice flowers too.

The plant you found, could it be a unique called 'Mrs Kingsbury/Mrs Kingsley?' It is not Copthorne, because that one has large flowers in lilac (they always remind me of Cattleya orchids, very beautiful!).

Yesterday I found a nursery nearby Alkmaar that stocked a few scenteds (mostly incorrectly labelled, I'm afraid). There was one labelled 'Mrs Kingsley', which troubled me, as it was not like the 'Mrs K' I have at home (which I bought at Powis Castle in Wales last year). The one at the nursery was vivid magenta pink, and mine is more salmonpink with soft scarlet marks and stripes; so, who's got the real Mrs K.? I didn't buy any other pellies because of the labels. They also had 'Lord Bute' and a reddish stellar. I did, however, buy cosmos atrosanguineus: a plant that grows from little bulbs or corms, has dark maroon cosmos/cosmea flowers and smells of chocolate. It is very rare, in my experience, at least in Holland; you often see it in Britain, but I'm going to try and see if I can keep the bulbs for next year.

Bye for now,
Jip Bieräugel
Alkmaar, Holland

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