Re: [IGS] Frustrating mysteries

Jip Bieraugel wrote:
<< Dear Mimy, I know exactly what you mean when you buy a plant because
you can't resist it, but it doesn't have a label, or clearly the wrong
one. The plant you found, could it be a unique called 'Mrs Kingsbury/Mrs
Kingsley?' It is not Copthorne, because that one has large flowers in
lilac (they always remind me of Cattleya orchids, very beautiful!)
<SNIP> I bought an Cosmos atrosanguineus >>

I have Mrs. Kingsley - so it is not that (or I have a wrong labelled one
<BG>) - sometimes labels misspellings not spellings etc at nurseries
drive me crazy!
Cosmos x atrosanguineus decided not to return from bulb stage for me
this year sadly. Allthough it is not a Pellie or Geranium I advise those
of you having so called "chocolate scented" Pellies around who often
only are a mixture between mint with perhaps a cocoa tingue to buy one.
The flower not only is lovely five angled and reddishbrown but
definitely has a pure cocoa smell - something you do not expect from a
plant. So once you have smelled this you will know that our Pellies are
nothing compared to the real stuff. The bad part is that it is like a
Dahlia not totally winter resistent in Holland but should be stored cool
- gues my cellar was a bit too damp for it's liking....
Perhaps you have a spare side bulb to share at our P&G Society's fall
meeting Jip?
Mimy Sluiter
phone/fax: +31-(035)-6920501

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