Re: [IGS] Sarcocaulon question


Your question:
> I have added some coir to my C&S mix, any thoughts on this?

raises its own issues. There are three or four grades of coir now
available. They range from a long, coarse fibre type, to a very fine hair
type and there are grades that cobtain the crushed coconut shell itself in
addition to the fiber. Some grades are like lumpy peat, others consist of
long wire-lke strands. Which type are you using? Coir in it fine hair form
is better than peat because it will rewet.There is a good article on it in
Orchids, May 1998.
I've not tried using any of it yet for C&S but the orchid people have
jumped on to its use. Because it is so light do you think it will cause
stability problems for your C&S plants? C&S tend to have root systems that
are not fibrous and, if well plumped up and are in a mix that is very light
the plants have a tendency to fall over. Pels and Sarcs are less likely to
have this difficulty because they are not usually top-heavy but you might
have to compensate the rest of the mix to give enough rigidity to it.
I am interested to hear which type you are using and how you are doing with

San Diego, California

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