Re: [IGS] Van der Walt


I've heard back from Dr. Vorster.  He says he has only a very few sets left,
and they are for sale at the rate of $300 US dollars for the set, including
surface postage.  He also has several volumes of Volume 2 only, which he would
sell for $60 US dollars each, also including surface postage.

I don't have my original correspondence in front of me in which I mailed the
funds to him when I ordered my set, but I do remember that I had to go to a
money exchange and purchase a money order in his local currency (rand?) and
then pay them the required amount of US dollars plus a handling fee for them
to prepare the special money order.

I did not ask Dr. Vorster for permission to post his e-mail address, so I'm
not comfortable posting it in this communication, but if you want to order the
books from him, let me know, and I will privately e-mail the information to
you so you can contact him directly.  This applies to anyone who is reading
this e-mail, if you want to order from Dr. Vorster, let me know so I can send
the information directly to you.  Once he sells the remaining volumes, there
will not be any more available from him, so time is of the essence.
. . .

If you decide to try to find them locally, I understand that at least the
first volume was reprinted in a softcover edition as well as the original
hardcover version.  While I've never seen them offered for sale through a
bookstore or bookfinding service, it would seem logical that they have to be
out there somewhere.  I purchased my Volume 3 about 5 years ago from a
bookstore that had purchased it when it was published, and never sold it.
(No, they don't have any more!)  Then, I could never find Volumes 1 and 2.
When I had the chance to buy them through the mail from Dr. Vorster last year,
I ordered an entire set, and that's how I ended up with an extra Volume 3 in
my library.

I am willing to sell the extra Volume 3 that I have for $55, the $50 that I
paid for it plus $5 postage & insurance.  If you don't want it, please let me
know in case one of the other Robins would like it.

Cindi .

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