Re: [IGS] Mrs. Quilter


Probably the most comprehensive mail order source of heirloom pelargoniums of
any type is Faye Brawner.  I don't believe she is on the internet, but she
does have a catalog and will ship by mail.

Faye Brawner
Deerwood Geraniums
Rt. 4, Box 525A
Buckhannon, WV 26201

(304) 472-4203

The catalog costs $3.  When you order the catalog, you might want to inquire
what the optimum time would be for you to place an order.  Faye is very
careful to ship only first quality plants, and to avoid shipping during times
of the year when the weather would adversely affect the plants in transit.
The plants you receive are  healthy, vigorous, compact, fully rooted and
meticulously packaged.  An additional bonus is that when you order from Faye,
you don't have to worry about getting a plant that has been misnamed or is
being sold under a "cutesy" marketing name.  As an individually owned nursery,
the number of plants available in a given year is finite, so order early to
avoid disappointment, particularly on the more uncommon varieties.

There is a minimum order of 9 plants, and a $27 minimum charge.  Believe me,
the problem is not finding 9 plants that you want to order, but in writing out
your order without developing cramping fingers and running out of ink in your


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