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Hi Cindi,

Everything is "alright" but just the same old story of trying to chip
away at my todo list which seems to be getting longer quicker than I can
scratch things off of it.

My geraniums are starting to pull out of their winter doldrums now and I
am still finding places for them all outside. I figured I would have to
get rid of quite a few  or else start diging up the yard alot more.
Soooo...... I started digging up the yard :-) . The biggest problem with
that is I have to be sure I have enough fencing to keep the "puppy" from
destroying things as fast as I get them done. The heat is slowing him
down a little though.

"Spring Park" and "Catford Bell" are really pouring their hearts out
with blooms these days. "Sancho Panza " is starting to bloom profusely
too. Oh, BTW, let me cat my vote for "Wedding Royale" as a rosebud to
have. I think it is gorgeous with it's golden leaves (with a chestnut
brown zone) and pink blooms. It is doing quite well now also. I have
that and the Apple blossom for rosebuds.

We started having summer on the first day of summer so it will be
interesting just what the heat indexes will do to the plants. "Prince of
Orange" never did recover from the stress of being moved outdoors. I
seem to beable to grow it indoors well all winter but have yet to figure
out what it likes when it gets outside. Last summer I had to constanly
move it around as it always seemed to get sunburned unless it was under
a maple tree in my back yard. Then it didn't grow as fast or bloom like
it did under lights in the winter. Don't know what it problem is but it
seems to be a tempermental plant.

Well I better get this in and see if I can get something else scratched
off my list. I here that Joan Steele is on the mend after a few touchy
times with her surgery recovery. I hope she is doing better now.

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> Dale,
> Haven't heard from you in quite a while, is everything ok?
> Cindi

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