Re: [IGS] Summer Blahs


I know what you mean about those perpetual to-do lists.  I should give mine up
as hopeless, but I'm not quite ready to concede defeat.  Just when I thought
it was getting under control, I had a very young driver decide to pass me on
the left when I was turning left in my freshly painted car.  It resulted in a
thump and when I turned it over to my insurance agent, they determined the kid
hadn't paid his insurance and it had lapsed.  It then took several weeks to
actually get his insurance company to put that in writing so that my uninsured
motorist coverage kicked in.  Now I just need to get the car fixed and figure
out a way to and from work for the four days that will take.  Sigh.

On a more cheerful note, I've been collecting seeds from my angels left and
right.  Ruby Orchid was pretty darn stingy, with only one seed.  Tip Top Duet
and Wayward Angel were much more cooperative, and have plump little seed
envelopes to their name.  I keep wanting to deadhead the plants and start
cutting out the flowering wood, but I'm waiting til the last seeds develop.
Since part of the plants are still in bud, I'm thinking that might be some
time yet.

I'm pulling out some of the really big scenteds and planting rosebuds in their
place around the swimming pool, and planting the apple, nutmeg, etc. types
along the front sidewalk in hopes that will be less maintenance than trimming
back the big plants all year.  Will let you know how it goes.

We have until August 15 to put together an article for the GATW.  The current
one is already filled, so this will be for the fall issue.  I talked to
Michael Vassar tonight and he was very encouraging.   I was reading the old e-
mail last night and should have some notes to get us going by the end of the

I bought a "Wedding Royale" this spring, but it hasn't bloomed yet.  It was a
little bitty plant on the bargain table because it was so small and not in
bloom or bud at the time of the sale.  Now I know to keep a really close eye
on it to see what it turns into.

That dog of yours sounds like it's giving you a run for your money lately.
Maybe you could train it to dig the holes for you?


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