[IGS] P. xerophyton

Hi all,
Since the list is so quiet I have a question for you:
Since some years I have a Pelargonium xerophyton MV2685, a desert woody
succulent who in my home just survives - it seems to go into dormancy
during winter, dropping almost all leaves, then I keep it fairly dry and
in summer some tiny leaves appear, that's all. It is all in all just 8
cm high and a mini shrub qualifying for the bonsai competition. I have
it potted up in half sand half soil and now I would like to know more
- how to make it grow (more)
- how to entice it to bloom
- how to treat it better (should I continue watering in winter for
I have been very scarce with water since I am afraid for rot in such a
desert type little plant.
Any suggestions are very welcome!
Also - something totally different - any one familiar with two secented
cultivars named:
Queen of Sheba (I asked this before)
Le Roi Alexander
Any details about them (raiser, origin etc) are very welcome as I have
them but cannot find more about them.
Mimy Sluiter
phone/fax: +31-(035)-6920501

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