Re: [IGS] P. Aridum


Not knowing what a P. Aridum was, I had to look it up, and I did find
something to smile about.  According to the good Dr. Van der Walt, "The
crushed leaves of this species have a faint but unpleasant odour, reminiscent
of cat's urine, which gave rise to the vernacular name "Katbossie".  The same
source, C.A. Smith (1966), informs us that another common name, "Kliptee",
alludes to the former use of these plants to brew a medicinal tea.  In view of
the odour, it is presumed that this tea must rapidly have cured all but the
most hopeless cases."

I rather liked the hairy stems and leaves myself.  Does your specimen have the
cream colored flowers, or the white?  I think I'd prefer cream.

On another subject, could you please tell me what the most desired pelly is in
Sweden?  I find it interesting that sometimes we are all after the same plant,
and sometimes one area is seeking something that is rather common in another.
In San Diego, the regal collectors always seem to be looking for Brown's
Butterfly, Giant Butterfly and Lord Bute (or is it Butte?).  The angel
collectors are hoping to get all three archangels (Michael, Raphael & Gabriel)
that Jay Kapac hybridized as well as some of his later releases, such as Fine
Feathers, A Crazy Lady, etc.  We all want a yellow-blooming zonal in our
collection, whether it is Creamery, Butterball, T&M Yellow, or whatever.  (I
have my Butterball tucked inside a 6" pot on the front step so it can soak up
lots of sunshine.)

You mentioned that it was rainy, how rainy is Sweden?  Having just experienced
more rain in the last 6 months in San Diego than we usually do in 16 months,
the very thought of rain brings the image of an ark to my mind!


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