How are you feeling after your surgery?  I've been thinking about you as I
went through the older e-mails working up a piece for the GATW, and now that
my computer is finally upgraded, I can e-mail with confidence again.

I noticed an e-mail that you had written earlier this spring that I had missed
somehow previously.  You asked if there would be interest in your writing
about some Australian varieties and possibly including pictures.  I didn't see
a direct response had been made about that, so when I was talking to the GATW
editor, I asked him about it, and he loved the idea.  I asked about the
length, and he said that if you had the information, it could be a feature
article or it could be a smaller article about only a single variety or maybe
two or three.  Whatever you felt comfortable doing.  Maybe even a series of
installments about the different plants?  I mentioned your wonderful drawings,
and he said that a good black and white line drawing(s) is/are a wonderful
addition to any article, and that it can be inserted at no additional printing
cost than if it were straight text, so they would be thrilled to include them
as part of your piece.  I don't know if you already had written something that
you had in mind when you sent your e-mail query earlier, or if it was
something that you were thinking of doing in the future, but if you're feeling
up to it, GATW would love to hear from you.  This issue is  in the process of
going to the printers, but the deadline for material to be received for the
fall issue is August 15, 1998.

You also had mentioned that you were thinking of sending for seeds from the
Seed Bank but thought that by the time you purchased an international money
coupon and sent the overseas order, the supply might have already been
depleted and the cost was prohibitive.  I was thinking that if you still want
any seeds, I could scan and e-mail you what is available, and I'll order the
seeds for you if you would be interested in ordering an approximately equal
value of  those angels that I can't get here and getting the plants
established.  I have a friend who lives in Australia who visits family in the
US frequently, and she said she could be persuaded to take whatever steps are
necessary to bring the plant material to me, but she isn't a gardener and
didn't want to try to grow the plants from cuttings.   The real restriction is
in getting the plants out of the country, right?  Not if you mailed them to
her once they were established?   Tell me if you think this has any potential.


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