[IGS] Reply to Cindi

Thanks for your message on Sunday.
Re  article for GATW.  I think the message you must have read was a
reply from me to Cy Baucke.   He  Asked if he could use the piece that I
have written fo the IGS web site (requested by Diana) for possible
inclusion in GATW some time.
I feel that I have not been into pellies long enough to start writing
about them.  There are a lot of  other people who would be better
qualified than me.    I am confident about my photography, but not about
writing stuff.
As for the drawings, they can be used wherever you want, but they're not
that good. Sounds as if Dale could be persuaded to do some graphics by
the way
Re the seed bank.   I'll put that on hold for now and see how well I
recover.  Thanks for the offer though, may take you up on it some time
later on.

Angels. ....    I don't know anyone who grows then here in the west.
They would have to come from the east and the only source I can think of
is Marj Edwards.   I know she is not accredited to send overseas but as
you have a friend over there maybe something could be arranged between
her and Marj.
I don't think you would have any chance of getting plants out of the
country.  I think that Faye only took cuttings,  not sure though.   Why
not write to Marj and see what could be arranged.  that is if your
friend is in Victoria. I think Faye had to take the cuttings somewhere
to be inspected/sprayed before they left the country. Marjorie Edwards'
address is:- Pelargonium Place,  40 Mistletoe St, Golden Square,
Victoria 3555   AUSTRALIA
Sorry I can't be more help.
Re my recovery,  well is it VERY slow.  I have constant pain in my left
leg and the foot is numb.  Taking piankillers 4 hourly day and night,
which keep me pretty woozy.  I still need a stick to walk and of course
can't  use the car yet.  My sister has been able to come up here a
couple of times  and look after the watering etc.
Doctors hope that the pain will settle down soon.  I have spent so much
on this procedure.  When I booked in to hospital I asked what it would
cost as I had to take out a loan.  They said between
$7 000 & $8 000, saying casually that they didn't know what the screws &
rods would cost.  I thought to myself a few hundred should cover it.
Well  .... how wrong I was.  The cost of the hardware .... 16 pieces of
Titanium ,  and handfull of rods, nuts and 2"screws  came to $8 780.
Don't know how they can justify that.  Anyway the lot will cost me over
$17 000 in the end.   Hope it turns out to be worth it!
I won't ranble on .. I'm having to go back & correct so may words,
thanks to the medication!
   Stay well

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